Preventing Online Credit Card Fraud

June 16, 2017 Finance 0

Merchants and retailers are typically on the cutting edge of handling payment card fraud. Online businesses deal with a distinct difficulty due to the fact that all purchases are made as a “card not present” deal. But there are red flags to watch out for and security measures to put in place that will help… Read more

Saving Money Using Online Bill Pay

June 2, 2017 Finance 0

Many individuals use online banking to check their account balances or to move funds between accounts. But if you’re not utilizing your online checking account to combine and pay your bills, you’re losing out on the very best part! How Does Online Bill Pay Work? How online expense pay works is quite basic: You enter… Read more

Making Secure Online Payments

May 10, 2017 Finance 0

Mobile devices and mobile phones And this leads into an interesting location of discussion on mobile payments online. More specifically how can you be safe when acquiring things on your mobile devices? I wish to provide some tips and concepts for going about purchasing anything on your mobile phone or tablet PC. Mobile phone can… Read more