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A merchant account allows you to accept credit cards when customers wish to make a purchase. This is vital in the business world today, particularly for anyone using e-commerce to sell over the Internet as credit cards are the most common method of funds transfer Online. Being able to accept funds in this way gives your business instant credibility, and can dramatically increase sales.

This site includes options for those wishing to trade Online over the Internet or by phone, fax or mail, both nationally and internationally.


Basics Of Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts allow anyone to accept money from your customers credit card, which is obvious a VERY useful feature!

While banks provide merchant services, they don’t usually do it for smaller companies. Most people go through an independent organization, and you can find several examples on this website.

A swipe terminal or some software will be needed to process the credit cards. You usually have to buy or rent these from your merchant account provider. Aim for something that is secure and easy to use – this is obviously a no-brainer! If you plan to buy the software separately from your merchant account, make sure it is fully compatible first.

Terms and conditions

Always read these carefully to have a full understanding of what each merchant account has to offer.

Payments From Us Or More

Depending on your needs and customer base, you can benefit from merchant accounts that accept payments from the US only, or you can accept payments from anywhere in the word. Make sure to check which merchant offers what.

Real time processing

Most merchants offer real time processing which means you’ll be able to see every transaction in real time.

Carefully Analyze Fees

Each different merchant account comes with their own fees and limitations. Always study these carefully and try to calculate exactly which fees work best for you before deciding on a merchant account.


Accepting CC On Your Website

Accepting credit cards at your website is easier than you may think. Studies have shown that accepting credit cards Online can and will easily increase sales by more than 350%. If you want be successful on the Internet, you HAVE to be able to accept credit cards!

Get A Merchant Account

This is the best way to accept payments Online.

3rd Party Processing

You can opt for 3rd party processing which means you’ll save money at first but will likely lose money in the long run. Choose this option only if you are on a tight budget, and update to a full merchant account when you can afford it.

Shopping Cart

Preferably go for a merchant account that also has an integrated shopping cart so you can easily turn your website into an Online Store if that’s more convenient for you.

Quality Of Service

Make sure you choose a merchant account with top notch customer service. This is a must.

What Our Clients Say

These are some of our readers and clients who we’ve helped improve their business.

I was really torn on how to better accept payments on my website. I had tried several options without much success until I finally encountered your website.

The guys helped me choose the best merchant account for my needs.

Josh Collins

CEO @ webbizz4u

I fully recommend top-merchant-accounts.com to anyone serious about starting or improving their online business. They helped me a lot and I will be forever thankful. Highly recommend their customer service! Cool website too!

Annita Johnson

CEO @ DailyKittenVids

This place has some great advice on merchant accounts and on how to use several other business tools to improve your blogs, websites or online stores.

Friendly people,  always happy to reply to my emails!

George Bashton

blogger @ DIYshackko

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